R7-02D Bumper Version- T-Conn- 2' Truck, 4' Trailer- 1995-2008 Dodge

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EZR7-02D EZ Connector’s Recreational 7 Pin Plug complete set with a T-Connector on 1995-2008 Dodge vehicles equipped with a factory installed 7-Way connector for attaching to the bumper while keeping the original 7 way connector.

EZ Connector’s patented EZR7 is the fist plug/socket combination of its kind on the market. The award winning EZR7 plug is magnetically held together, double o-ring sealed and uses spring-loaded, face- to- face contacts making it much safer, reliable and waterproof.

The R7-02D is part of the EZR7 product line and includes both the vehicle and trailer ends, as well as a dummy plug and plug holder. It is designed for quick and easy installation on 1995-2008 Dodge vehicles equipped with a factory installed 7-Way connector (please see our compatibility chart to make sure it will work on your vehicle). It mounts onto the bumper of the vehicle, and includes 2' of cord on the vehicle side as well as 4' of cord on the trailer side. The plug holder mounts onto the trailer and holds the trailer plug when not in use. When connected, you remove the dummy plug from the vehicle socket and place it in the trailer plug holder. This results in a clean, corrosive-free trailer plug system that will keep you on the road!

ABS Brakes Not for use with class 7&8 trucks with ABS brakes
Mounting Information Includes installation instructions, mounting bracket and installation accessories (butt connectors and heat shrink tubing).
Installation and Warranty Download Installation Instructions and Warranty Information
Compatibility Chart View a list of vehicles and their compatible part numbers

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